Automatic Provisioning of Networking Resources in Foreign Domain

Ole Frendved  Hansen
TrackTrack 1 -- Lecture Hall X on the First Floor
DescriptionWhen building applications utilizing special-purpose networking you need to bring the network into place all the way to the endpoints of your application. To have this set up by network operators from different domains can be a burden and completely disregard the user. Novel services like Bandwidth-on-Demand (BoD) and Multi Domain VPN (both GÉANT services), do address the multi domain aspect from campus edge to campus edge. Still a circuit delivered by e.g. BoD has to be handled in the local environment at campus and exposes limited management functionalities to requesting users. Doing this in a user demanded way will be an enhancement and will normalize the way users request networks services as such.  
It seems worthwhile studying a mechanism for organized provisioning of network at campus in both ends of the circuit.
Such work is being done in the GÉANT3 plus Technology Testing effort (JRA2 Task 2).
This work aim for establishing a general service on Network-as-a-Service. The service will include a framework for delegating local networking resources to abroad users in a controlled way. Programmability, virtualization, slicing and aggregation of resources are among the concepts.
The service will allow automation within network provisioning and thereby enabling new service innovations and productivity improvements.
The talk will address varied user scenarios including large data transfers over Bandwidth-on-Demand.
Key words: NaaS, VPN, Bandwidth-on-Demand, virtualization, programmability, dynamic circuits, resource delegation, multi-tenancy

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