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A number of side meetings will be co-hosted with the NORDUnet Conference. Registration for these meetings is done via the registration form for the Conference. Attending the side  meetings is free of charge, however, participants who want to attend the NORDUnet conference will be charged the standard admission fee.

More information about the individual side meetings will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

Monday 22 September

Web RTC - Monday 22 September (Contact: Jan Meijer, UNINETT)

Time: 10.00 - 17.00

Web-rtc: yet another way for real-time communication or is there more to it?  This workshop will take a closer look at the emerging web-rtc technology and its impact on Nordic higher education real time communication infrastructures.  High quality video communication capabilities directly in the universally deployed web browser is a capability we did not have before. What does it give us?

If the technology lives up to its promise it offers a great opportunity to bring high-quality, low-cost real time communication to individuals and groups in higher education.  The Nordic higher education community needs to position itself if it is to seize this opportunity.

This workshop aims to be a step towards figuring out whether a common Nordic approach or -one can dream- a common Nordic higher education roadmap for web-rtc is viable.  One that is not rip & replace but plays nicely with existing infrastructure.  One that is ready when web-rtc hits the markets, not one we start working on some years from now.

It should be trivial to do low-cost and high quality person-to-person and group video conversations as part of research projects and net-based education. Web-rtc looks to be able to help us achieve this. Perhaps finally giving us what traditional real time communication approaches of the last decades failed to deliver.

On the agenda:

   * Introduction

       - intro to web-rtc

       - overview current real time communication infrastructure in higher education, with focus on Norwegian / Swedish situation

   * Stefan Otto (UNINETT): Presentation of web-rtc work, trials & conclusions done by UNINETT in 2013.

   * Harald Alvestrand (Google): Hangouts: Running a service on top of WebRTC

   * Ingrid Ødegaard, Svein Yngvar Willassen ( The service

   * Overview of web-rtc standards & their status

   * Stefan Otto (UNINETT): diving deep, from zero to your own web-rtc app

   * Integration challenges: how to give the user a good experience in a world with different real time communication services

   * Discussion about the way forward in Nordic higher education to allow cheap high quality communication some years from now



TERENA TF-Storage task force meeting  (Contact: Peter Szegedi, Terena)

You can learn more about the meeting here


NSI working group   (Contact: Guy Robers,







Wednesday 24 September  - BoF's : 17.45-18.30

RFC- BoF -

The RFC Series has been producing documents describing Internet standards, best practices, experimental technologies, and other informational topics for over 40 years.  The largest source of RFCs comes from the IETF.  For most of the 40-plus years of RFC publication,the format of the documents has been plain text with a US-ASCII  character encoding.  We are in the process of changing the format of RFCs away from just plain text and US-ASCII.  This BoF will provide more information on the changes being made and what those changes mean to the authors and readers of RFCs.

Contact: Heather Flanagan


Media BoF

For details about the Media BoF please contact Erik Kikkenborg