Data Management: From Innovation to Politics

Gitte Julin Kudsk
Session chairGitte Julin Kudsk
TrackTrack 3 --Lecture Hall IX on the First Floor
DateWednesday, 24 September 2014
Time12:00 - 13:30
DescriptionA huge amount of digital data is produced every day in all research areas, from humanities and the arts, to nuclear physics and health disciplines. The ability to store, use and reuse these data is vital. The need for a common understanding and agreement on who is taking care of which data, and how they are accessible for others is evident - especially on a national level.
The data management discipline covers the area from policies, planning and program to practices in storing, using and reusing data.
This session will take you from the process of developing a national strategy for data management to experiences from a production archiving service and to a new data analysis service.