ERAI - EUNIS Research and Analysis Initiative

Johan Bergström
TrackLightning Talks -- Main Conference Auditorium
DescriptionThere has been a long tradition in the European higher education administrative IT sector to collaborate within and between countries. Sharing knowledge and experience is paramount to our ability to develop our operations. Many European countries have successfully answered questions such as: Has this been done before? How can we build on others' experiences? Unfortunately we are not able to answer these questions on a pan-european scale.  EUNIS (European University Information Systems organisation) is now trying to fill this gap. Through the new initiative ERAI (EUNIS Research and Analysis Initiative), we want to expand on research and analysis done in each of the EUNIS member countries, leveraging and scaling it to a European level. We would also like to provide our own research and analysis, conducting surveys and case studies.
By introducing this project we would like to engage the European Higher Education IT community to participate in the endeavour.

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