Enlighten Your Research Global: An International Competition to Support Global Scientific Collaboration

Peter Hinrich
TrackTrack 3 --Lecture Hall IX on the First Floor
DescriptionResearchers around the world need and benefit from international collaborations on projects ranging from the humanities to the physical sciences. Many of these projects produce big data, which then needs to travel across continents to collaborators. To enable these collaborations, five national research and education networks (NRENs), lead by SURFnet, ESnet, Funet, Internet2 and Janet, joined together in 2013 to proactively find researchers who needed to connect and share data-intensive research around the world. Called Enlighten Your Research Global (EYR-Global). This program’s goal is to accelerate research and discovery for program applicants in any research domain and in any country. In addition, the NRENs are offering expert networking help to researchers so they can efficiently use the high-performance networks to meet their research needs.  
At the Supercomputing’14 conference in Denver, four projects were awarded:
- International Networking for Climate
- Achieving Multidisciplinary High-throughput, Quantitative Behavior Analysis with Advanced Computing and Networking Tools
- An Advanced Distributed Computing Approach to High-Resolution Climate Modeling
- Cross-site VM Operation
These proposals span a wide array of research domains, including two global climate projects, a biophysics and neuroscience project on how the nervous system instigates behavior, and computer science project that enables the analysis of massive bioinformatics datasets.
In collaboration with affiliate partners Dante, DFN and AARnet, the EYR partner NRENs will provide and develop high-quality network services for all higher education and research institutions in their respective countries.
In this session we will report about the program, how it was organized, and how the network-related outreach worked. Furthermore, we will report about our experience with the consultation of the participating research project and about the progress of the implementation of the requested e-infrastructure.

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