Hybrid Clouds and Open Source Technologies as Key to Competitive Differentiation

Tryggvi  Lárusson
TrackTrack 1 -- Lecture Hall X on the First Floor
DescriptionOpen Source technologies, such as CloudStack and OpenStack are enabling new cutting edge solutions in cloud infrastructure. These technologies can be built into an organisation’s services and software offerings to provide competitive differentiation.
The key technologies are Cloud IaaS software stacks like CloudStack and OpenStack, and storage solutions like Ceph. The key to delivering these solutions effectively is to glue these components together with automation and DevOps tools, like Chef. For the software development process, new innovative solutions such as Docker and Vagrant are accelerating the speed on which these solutions can be developed and delivered to customers.
This presentation will demonstrate how GreenQloud is using Open Source technologies in both public and private cloud infrastructures, using case study examples of how we’re working with SURFnet, GÉANT and VUMC.
We’ll also outline the benefits of both public and private cloud models. This will include the many advantages the public cloud offers over the private virtualized environment, such as a self-service interface, API access, and ease-of-use. We’ll demonstrate why hybrid is the best current solution for mixed workloads and compliance. This will include examples of how CIOs and CTOs can prepare for a hybrid cloud future in a manner that aligns with sustainability strategies and minimizes the industry’s CO2 footprint.

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