Large-scale Campus Wireless Networks: Development, Opportunities and Strategy

Sebastien Ceuterickx
DescriptionGartner reported that smartphones, tablets and ultra-mobile notebooks sales would grow in double digits in 2013. Over the past year, Wi-Fi connectivity has doubtless become an essential network service on a par with the traditional cabled network. How to address this expansion and provide a high-quality service while rationalizing and protecting the investment? Encompassing 1500 Wi-Fi access points, 6000 daily users, and 500 buildings (from large scale conference rooms to industrial halls and underground caverns), the strategy for serving thousands of mobile users will be presented. With 802.11ac, 802.11ad, BOYD, hotspot 2.0, and eduroam, Wi-Fi technology and usage are constantly evolving - providing us with new challenges and opportunities. In this presentation, the impact and expectations around this technology - as well as the future development of the CERN Wi-Fi infrastructure - will be addressed.

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