Layer 1 Encryption in WDM Transport Systems

Henning Hinderthür
TrackTrack 1 -- Lecture Hall X on the First Floor
DescriptionData security is not a single feature, but rather an increasingly important set of technologies used to safeguard private data sent across both public and private networks.  The intelligent use of data protection technologies becomes increasingly necessary for organizations of all sizes. A layer 1 network encryption scheme enables network operators to transport data securely at full throughput, low latency and lowest cost. This lowest level encryption is directly integrated with the WDM transport equipment and optimized for data center interconnection applications requiring maximum data security on the WAN network. It provides a transparent wire-speed OTN container and uses the internationally recognized Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) algorithm plus a Dynamic Key Exchange which make this solution compliant to the most stringent regulatory requirements. Implemented on a set of 10G and 100G muxponder modules a complete set of protocols including Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and InfiniBand can be addressed.

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