Managing Audio-Visual Cultural Data

Anssi  Kainulainen
TrackTrack 3 --Lecture Hall IX on the First Floor
DescriptionPreserving cultural heritage in digital form creates large amounts of data, especially in the case of audio-visual material. This presentation describes some challenges and solutions presented by the large data volumes, highlighted through two example services which CSC provides for the National Audio-Visual Institute of Finland (KAVI).
The Radio- and TV Archive stores the entire program stream of essential Finnish channels and shorter samples of other channels which translates to nearly 200 000 hours of programmes yearly. The Digivarasto digital storage service handles digital storage needs as part of KAVI's responsibility for preserving Finnish moving picture heritage where the digitization of a single 90 minute feature film creates 29 terabytes of archive material. Combined, the storage needs of these two services enter the petabyte scale in 2014.
Storing, managing and disseminating large amounts of data presents challenges for digital preservation, infrastructure performance and scalability, continuous service development and cooperation with multiple partners.

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