Methods for Improving Multimedia Streaming Throughput to Mobile Nodes in Heterogeneous Wireless Environments

Svetlana Boudko
TrackLightning Talks -- Main Conference Auditorium
DescriptionThe presentation is about the research done in the ADIMUS (Adaptive Internet Multimedia Streaming) project funded by the NORDUnet-3 programme.
This research formulates effective strategies for delivery of streaming content for mobile users in resource-limited networks.
In the work, we take into account 1) the presence of a large  
 of mobile devices operating simultaneously inside an area with overlapping coverage of several mobile networks; and 2) the ability of the mobile devices to exploit several network technologies and to be connected to different access points simultaneously.  
Taking into account the complexity of the whole system, we intended to design mechanisms operating in a decentralized manner with partial knowledge of the system.


In this work, we considered the network selection for multiuser environments with possible multicast configurations. It allows the network to perform load balancing and increase the networks’ throughput. The

novelty of the solutions is that the network selection is done in a decentralized manner with only limited information available to decision makers.  

The solutions are evaluated through multiple simulations. We show that these provide a substantial improvement in performance compared to earlier proposed solutions from the literature.  

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