Multi-Domain VPN, a New Network Service in Europe

Magnus Bergroth
TrackLightning Talks -- Main Conference Auditorium
DescriptionConnecting private networks, that are dispersed over different
regions and networks, normally requires a substantial amount of
administration, coordination and configuration.
Introducing MPLS forwarding between networks and domains, as a small
complement to the current IP forwarding, allows you to create
robust overlay networks between end nodes, without the need to involve
administration in all the networks and domains that are between the end
The design only requires the interconnection between the domains to be
MPLS enabled and the BGP peering expanded with MPLS labels to advertise
the end-points. This is standardized features supported on multiple
vendors platforms allowing for many types of networks to participate.
Any services that can use MPLS as transport can be enabled end to end.
My presentation will show the technology and the steps to get it to work.

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