Numbering All the Bones

Peter Szegedi
TrackTrack 2 -- Lecture Hall IV on the Main Floor
DescriptionThe Service is an end-user ENUM service run by TERENA and the participating NRENs (National Research and Education Networking
organisations) primarily for academia. is considered as a complementary service and a valid alternative to the Golden ENUM tree.
The domain "" is being populated in order to provide the infrastructure in DNS for storage of E.164 numbers. The Service includes the operation of the Tier-0 root DNS(s) and the delegation of county codes to Registries.
Having gained partners from Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific, has grown to a global, production-grade, community service in recent years. As one of the key building blocks of global unified communications, it is TERENA's mission to coordinate and continuously enhance the service for the benefit of the entire research and education community in a sustainable manner.

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