Packet-Optical and SDN Evolution for Transport Agility

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DescriptionNetworks are being challenged by both the volume and unpredictability of traffic. With the growth in video content and communications, the volume of network bandwidth required is projected to grow by two orders of magnitude over the next decade. Due to the popularity of smart phones and tablets and the rise of networked machines such as surveillance cameras, sensors, and other “Internet of things” endpoints, the number of network-connected devices has surged to exceed the number of people in the world. In line with the ability to access any application and any data anywhere, users now expect the transport network to deliver, on demand, the required quality to insure the best experience.

The presentation will discuss the evolution in transport network technologies that will transform the current networks into a flexible resources aligned with the flexibility of the compute and storage components in the datacenters, bringing scale, programmability and integration in previously mainly static networks. This includes advances in both the network infrastructure, with packet-optical transport platforms and photonics agility, and the control layer with targeted transport SDN applications.

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