Panel of Video Experts

Vesa  Savolainen
Jan Meijer
Thorkild Jensen
Erik  Kikkenborg
Gravatar for Markus Schneider
Bartlomiej  Idzikowski
TrackTrack 2 -- Lecture Hall IV on the Main Floor
DescriptionThe video and network communication tools
have become irreplaceable in the daily
work and co-operation with the colleagues.
The improvements in the quality, usability
and reliability have made this change possible.
In turn, the wide introduction of mobile devices
has provided a terminal to every user.
 For example, the centralized Adobe Connect service
 has a very large user base in the Nordic countries.
 However, we haven't seen the peak usage yet - not
 in the Adobe Connect or in the use of the collaboration
tools in general.
The session is a panel discussion with representatives
 from each of the Nordic NRENs. The panelists will
 discuss the status of the current services and
 the initiatives for future development. The audience
 has a possibility to participate the discussion by
 asking questions from the panelists.

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