Mr Tim Boundy

Tim  Boundy
NameTim Boundy
Job titleApplications and Video Development Team Manager
BioWithout ever really intending to, Tim has inadvertently been involved in almost eleven years worth of projects to send video across networks. Starting in front of the videoconference cameras at the National Space Centre was the perfect way of seeing how exciting, live content, (preferably delivered by a pretend astronaut) can be of huge value to the education community.  

Since joining Janet in 2006 Tim has supported video projects across the whole educational sector and now leads the Applications and Video Development Team. The team support the Janet community in developing (meddling with) some very exciting cutting edge video and networking technologies, but at the same time making sure that the everyday video streams and VCs are not forgotten.  

In the endless pursuit of moving pixels from one place to another, Tim has worked on projects with the BBC, the Royal Shakespeare Company and represents Janet at numerous international NREN projects. The Applications Development Team also work to develop network applications and interface developments to improve the user experience of Janet Services.