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DescriptionUNINETT is extending its WebSSO service with a complete ecosystem for advanced services for Higher Education and Research. A working prototype is already operational providing most of the functionality, and work is in progress of demonstrating real-life use cases.
Self-service is in the core of Feide Connect.
Authentication is now built on top of OAuth 2.0, and  provides a easier path to integration. New functionality includes supporting native mobile applications, long-term sessions as well as innovative concepts like OAuth auto-configure and out of the box cross-federation.
Similar to how providers such as Google, Facebook and Twitter builds eco-systems around the social graphs, UNINETT is working on building an eco-system around the educational context of users. To this, a base layer built around identity and educational groups and roles is fundamental.
We believe in a large variety of services available to end users, giving them the option to select the best of breed tools. We put our efforts into providing a seamless and user-friendly experience across these services extending authentication with features like Aggregated Activity streams and Federated Widgets.
Feide Connect is promoting a service architecture that is highly scalable, where data is fetched via APIs when needed, and not provisioned in advance.  
To encourage even better services in the future, APIs and data access is crucial. Feide Connect is encouraging institutions to offer Open Data. Open Data typically involves data that is publicly available, but Feide Connect would like users to take control over their personal data as well, exposing data for third party services.  
To help institutions cope with the complexity of self-service registration, authentication of clients and users and sophisticated authorization work flow, Feide Connect is offering API Authorization as a Service.

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