Videoconferencing Without the Worry - An NREN Service

Tim  Boundy
SpeakerTim Boundy
TrackTrack 2 -- Lecture Hall IV on the Main Floor
DescriptionThe new v-scene interface for NRENs.
Janet has long battled on the side of videoconferencing users against the forces of confusion, misinformation and obscure terminology. Our latest weapon is a new Videoconference Booking Interface known as “v-scene”. The new interface attempts to hide or remove most of the confusion found in scheduling conferences between multiple VC System Types. In this presentation Tim will demonstrate the new videoconferencing scheduling interface and describe the theories and processes used to achieve “videoconferencing without the confusion”.
V-scene will also enable Janet to offer MCU scheduling as a cloud service. In addition to Janet, HEAnet and Belnet will be the first NRENs to use the service as a user interface to their MCU resources. This cloud scheduling approach enables NRENs own MCUs to be prioritised for their users, but also potentially allows access to a wider pool of MCU resources at times of high demand.  
Janet’s service is offered at no charge to most UK institutions, although with future flexibility and other NRENs requirements in mind, NRENs would be able to use the new interface to introduce charging models to their Organisations for the use of VC Services. The V-scene interface is due for launch in September 2014
Background - The Janet Videoconference Service.
The Janet Videoconference Service is available to all members of the Janet Community. There are over 7000 registered videoconference systems and over 8000 users. The service manages approximately 3000 videoconferences per month via Janet’s centralised infrastructure.
The existing automated booking service enables any user to book a videoconference. Users can schedule or launch a conference involving any of the service features, including recording and streaming, and add participants in any combination of interoperable videoconference standards.  

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