Cloud: NextGen Cloud infrastructure technology: containers

Jan Meijer
Session chairJan Meijer
TrackTrack 1w
DateWednesday, 13 September 2017
Time13:30 - 15:00
DescriptionThe trend for the next generation of cloud infrastructure technology points clearly in the direction of containers.

In this session we’ll investigate:
This infrastructure cloud session will share ideas, status of ongoing activities and facilitate discussion on IaaS infrastructures that are currently (being) deployed and container infrastructures both under discussion and in deployment.

The goal of the session is
• to give the participants an overview of the national activities regarding infrastructure cloud services, both in the Nordics and selected other countries
• exchange ideas
• explore opportunities for Nordic and Nordic-world collaboration
• identify possible actions and activities
• identify specific work you’d like to know more about, so we can organise a follow-up about that

This being a workshop there is flexibility to the agenda and there will be time to ask questions during the schedule.

- CSC / NeIC Glenna2: IaaS and container infrastructure: strategy, plans, work in progress (Risto Laurikainen & Kalle Happonen, confirmed, 30 minutes)
- UNINETT /NeIC Glenna2: federated container orchestration: project status and intermediate results (Olav Kvittem, 30 minutes)
- Discussion: possible actions and collaboration opportunities (30 minutes)