Tuesday 12 September: 17.00 - 19.00


The  reception will be held at the atrium part of the venue, Radisson Park Inn, Kastrup, after the last afternoon session. Tapas / fingerfood will be served together with a glass of wine/beer  in an informal environment where participants can continue discussions and network across organisations andTuesday 12 September: 17.00 - 19.00. Your individual hunger decides if you feel sufficiently fed after this, or if you find that you will have to explore the greater Copenhagen gastronomy market individually or with some people from your network at your own pace and purchase.


Wednesday 13 September: 19.00 - 22.30


The official, however, still informal workshop dinner will take place at restaurant "Ravelinen" which you will find midway between the venue and downtown Copenhagen.


Torvegade 79

1400 København K

The building housing Ravelinen was completed in 1728, and was previously a control post and military premises. The interior is considerably more comfortable now than it would have been then, but the view of the large 17th-century moat is as beautiful as ever. The covered and heated terrace at this popular Copenhagen restaurant also allows for outdoor seating in nearly all weathers.

Ravelinen is located in Torvegade on the historic Christianshavn ramparts, a 5-minute walk from Christianshavn Metro Station.


Location of the restaurant "Ravelinen"  



Directions to Ravelinen from venue - Radisson Park Inn