Mr Teemu Kiviniemi

Teemu Kiviniemi
NameTeemu Kiviniemi
Job titleDirector, Funet Services and ICT Platforms,
BioTeemu Kiviniemi is responsible for Funet network and CSC data center networks. He joined CSC in 2008. Before the current management duties, he worked at CSC in various tasks related to Funet IP network and its services. Servers and IP networks have been part of Teemu's life since 1998 when he started working for a commercial Internet service provider.

In addition to the current tasks at CSC, Teemu is also the chairman of the board of FICIX. FICIX is the largest Internet exchange point (IXP) in Finland.

Teemu holds a Master of Science (Technology) degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology, now known as Aalto University.