Educational Services I

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Session chairVegard Moen
TrackTrack 1
DateTuesday, 24 September 2019
Time11:30 - 13:00
Description1330 - 1430
Edu activities in the NRENs. How are the edu activities organized in the NRENs? What are the most important services and projects? What are the success stories and challenges?

Sweden (10 min) – Birgitta Hemmingsson and Monika Allöv-Andersson   

Denmark (10 min) – Thorkild Jensen

Finland (10 min) – Marjut Anderson and Topi Litmanen

Norway (10 min) – Vegard Moen

Iceland (10 Min) –

GÉANT edu activities (10 min) – Gyongyi Horvath

1430 – 1500
Discussion on how to cooperate on a Nordic level.

Network cooperation - online and conferences

Relation to other cooperation in NORDUnet and GÉANT

Joint projects

Joint services