NREN networking I -The Nordic Networks

Olaf  Schjelderup
Session chairOlaf Schjelderup
TrackTrack 1
DateWednesday, 25 September 2019
Time07:00 - 08:30
DescriptionIn this session we will provide lightning-talk style updates of status and plans for each of the Nordic NREN networks, discussed network evolution, and address a couple of key challenges for the future, such as NREN-provided access to satellite connectivity and planning for shared, Nordic fibre spectrum

0900-0905 Welcome Olaf Schjelderup
0905-0915 Sunet Network Status Per Nihlèn
0915-0925 DeiC Network Status incl Faroe Martin Bech
0925-0935 Uninett Network Status Olaf Schjelderup
0935-0945 RHnet Network Status Jón Ingi Einarsson
0945-09:55 FUNET Network Status Matti
0955-1010 New NORDUnet Backbone Rollout Jørgen Q
1010-1030 DeiC: Satellite Networks - how do we approach them? Martin B