NTW2019   24-26 September 2019

A very big "Thank You" to everyone who participated in this year's NTW. 

Thank you  for all your discussions, presentations, talks, facilitation, and energy in general. We will be uploading presentations to the programme as soon as we get them from the individual sessions.

Check out the impressions

The NORDUnet Technical Workshop ended with one final side meeting.

Discussions continued during the workshop dinner Wednesday evening -

True to tradition we will have the next NORDUnet Technical Workshop the year following the NORDUnet conference.  This workshop is primarily driven by users and the Nordic NREN community.

NTW is the meeting point for individuals, teams and communities working with technical aspects of infrastructure and NRENs, service providers, and campus levels. As in previous years, the NTW is organised around a number of community-centred and -organised workshops. The NTW is where the Nordic media and video community will tackle the challenges of growth and new regulations in the coming years, it’s where network specialists update each other on the latest technologies and work on automation and orchestration, it is where the trust and identity community hold hackathons and discuss ideas for new services. And so forth.


NTW is where you meet your peers and get updated on what is hot and what is coming in the R&E networking community.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 09.21.23.png

The program is up at: https://events.nordu.net/display/NTW2019/Programme. Here, you can see the overall schedule and the workshops that are planned over the three days of the main event, as well as specialised, full-day workshops before and after. The workshops in each area are being organised by a dedicated team of community volunteers. They are still busy pouring content into the slots but do take a few minutes and check out the offerings that include both Networking, Trust & Identity, Educational Services, Media Services and much more. And get in touch with the workshop organisers if your favourite topic is not yet there.


The program also includes two lightning talk sessions, your chance to get updated on the diversity of developments in the world of NRENs, and your chance to update all of us – so start thinking about your lightning talk proposal already now.


During the breaks you will get the opportunity to network with colleagues and peers from the community, and the informal reception on Tuesday evening will bring you even more time to get connected and updated. The traditional dinner will take place on Wednesday evening

Venue: Radisson Park Inn, Kastrup, DK

Thank you for your Lightning Talks

NORDUnet would like to invite lightning talks for the upcoming NORDUnet Technical Workshop (NTW2019).

We have two lightning talk sessions in this year’s programme (https://events.nordu.net/display/NTW2019/Programme) - Tuesday 24 September, and Thursday 26 September. The lightning talks make up the only plenary sessions at NTW2019, so this will be the opportunity to update the community on new developments and initiatives.

Lightning talks are five-minute presentations focusing on one key point; this can be an idea, a successful project, a cautionary tale, a collaboration invitation, or even a quick tip. Everything within the R&E community. The NTW offers you a great audience who will be happy to learn about progress, news and views.

“There are no limits. You can choose to focus on some minuscule technical detail only relevant to one or two in the audience. No problem, everyone else will know that in five minutes somebody else will take the floor”, says Lars Fischer, Lightning Talks session chair and member of the programme committee.

Use the time wisely to present the pertinent message of the subject matter without the need for background history, the problem space or a business-case justification.

If (with emphasis on "if"!) you want to use slides, make sure they are clear, light and not too many (typically one or two will do).

Submit your lightning talk proposals - speaker name, affiliation, title, one or two paragraph abstract - to lightning@ntw2019.net.

Looking forward to hearing your talk in Copenhagen.