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Big Data Meets HPC

Dan Reed
SpeakerDan Reed
DescriptionIn science and engineering, a tsunami of new experimental and computational data and a suite of increasingly ubiquitous sensors pose vexing problems in data analysis, transport, visualization and collaboration. Cloud computing and “big data” are extending our notions of computational science and engineering, bringing technical, political and economic challenges.  What are the hardware and software structures and capabilities that best exploit these capabilities and economics while providing application compatibility and community continuity? What lessons can we learn from the world of big data and HPC and how can they best co-exist? How do we optimize performance and reliability? How do we integrate the emerging Internet of Things and ubiquitous sensors for multidisciplinary fusion, while also managing security and privacy?  This talk will compare and contrast the social, technical, political and economic attributes of big data software and hardware with those of high-performance computing, drawing implementation lessons and suggesting opportunities for research and deployment.

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