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  • Four years of safe and secure access
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Four years of safe and secure access

Richard Welpton
DescriptionThe UK Data Service Secure Lab began providing secure remote access to confidential and sensitive microdata four years ago.  Previously, access to these data were only possible by visiting an ‘on-site safe room’.  Only researchers located within the vicinity of the safe room, or those with generous travel budgets and few departmental responsibilities, could access data and successfully complete projects.  For anybody else, the arrival of the Secure Lab heralded a new age of convenient access to confidential data, within a secure setting.

In this presentation, I’ll provide an overview of the Secure Lab: our beginnings and how we operate the service.  I’ll also provide information on how we accredit researchers and provide training; our safe settings; and how we manage the release of ‘safe’ results generated from confidential sources.

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