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Prof Holger Dettki

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NameHolger Dettki
OrganisationUmeå Center for Wireless Remote Animal Monitoring, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Job titleResearcher
BioHolger Dettki studied Biology and Chemistry at the Einstein University Ulm, Germany, before he moved to Sweden. He earned his doctoral degree in 2000 at Umeå University, working on landscape ecology models for lichen dispersal and establishment. Working as a GPS and GIS expert, he became involved in 2003 in GPS-tracking projects of moose in Northern Sweden at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and developed software tools to automate data handling and visualization. Between 2011 and 2014 he was tasked by the Swedish Research Council with the upgrade of these tools into the Wireless Remote Animal Monitoring (WRAM) e-infrastructure as the national database node for biotelemetry sensor data from animals. He is currently heading the Umeå Center for Wireless Remote Animal Monitoring (UC-WRAM) at SLU and engaged in national and international cooperations on biotelemetry data management and sharing. Beside this engagement he works as an Associate Professor in several projects analyzing animal movement and behavior of e.g., brown bear, moose, or golden eagle.