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Dr Jostein K. Sundet

Jostein K. Sundet
NameJostein K. Sundet
Job titleSenior adviser
BioTrained meteorologist at University of Oslo. Specialization (PhD and Post Doc.) in Climate-Chemistry interactions with development and use of atmospheric models (Univ. of Oslo, Univ. of California, Irvine and Univ. of Albany, NY). Worked 5 years as head of the HPC group at Univ. of Oslo. I am currently at the Research Council of Norway as special adviser, Dept. of Climate and Polar research, since 2009. I am on leave of absence to work in NordForsk (October 2013) for four years.
Main interests are::  Nordic and International research collaboration, Climate change research and sustainability challenges, efficient use of Infrastructure in research (in particular the “e-“ ones)