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Dr Paul C. Messina

Paul C. Messina
NamePaul C. Messina
OrganisationArgonne National Laboratory
Job titleDirector of Science
BioPaul Messina is Director of Science at the Argonne Leadership Computing  Facility (ALCF) and an Argonne Distinguished Fellow. Dr. Messina guides the teams that support projects that use Mira, the ALCF’s 10 Petafflops IBM Blue Gene system. In 2002-2004, he served as Distinguished Senior Computer Scientist at Argonne and as Adviser to the Director General at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research). Previously at Caltech, Dr. Messina served as Director of the Center for Advanced Computing Research, as Assistant Vice President for Scientific Computing, and as Faculty Associate for Scientific Computing. He led the Computational and Computer Science component of Caltech’s research project funded by the Academic Strategic Alliances Program of the Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative. He also acted as Co-principal Investigator for the National Virtual Observatory and TeraGrid. During a leave from Caltech in 1999-2000 he led the DOE-NNSA Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative. At Argonne, he held a number of positions from 1973-1987 and was the founding Director of the Mathematics and Computer Science Division.