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Services for Sensitive Data

Antti Pursula
Session chairAntti Pursula
DateThursday, 7 May 2015
Time13:30 - 15:00
13:30  Antti Pursula, e-Infrastructure for Sensitive biomedical data
13:45  Gard Thomassen, TSD: a Secure and Scalable Service for Sensitive Data and eBiobanks
14:10  Mats Hansson, BBMRI-ERIC ELSI Common Service and Applying Privacy Rights as well as rights to medical treatment for large cohorts
14:35  Richard Welpton, Four years of safe and secure access
15:00 End of session

Public registers, biobanks, health registers and research projects are examples of actors that collect and store vast amounts of data that has huge potential for advancing scientific research. However, much of the data is sensitive as it is including information on individuals and, naturally, the data needs to be stored and processed so that integrity and privacy of individuals is secured. Enabling the research utilising sensitive data while fulfilling legal requirements for privacy poses a challenge for research supporting e-Infrastructure.
This conference session aims to share experiences on developing and operating services for sensitive data. Session includes a presentation of Nordic ELIXIR and NeIC initiative, Tryggve, aiming to enable corss-border collaboration on sensitive biomedical datat; a talk on secure and scalable service for sensitive data, TSD, at Oslo University; views from BBMRI ERIC Ethical, Legal and Social Issues activity; and experience from operating secure access services at UK Data Archive.