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NeIC Social Events

Here you will find some more practical information about the individual social events that accompany the programme.

NeIC Kayak Tour (limited to 38 participants)

Tuesday 5th May 18:00-20:00

From the Hanasaari Pier

Opening Get-Together and Barbeque

Wednesday 6th May 18:00-21:00

 We will meet for a barbeque at Hanasaari.

NeIC Run

Thursday 7th May 07:00-7:45

For those who would like to start the day with a run we meet outside the Hanasaari front door and set out for a 45-minute run.

Conference dinner

Thursday 7th May 19:00-23:00

The conference dinner will take place at Restaurant Saaristo which is located on the isle of Klippan off the coast from the venue.

A boat will take all participants to the restaurant and the schedule is outlined below.

  • 17:30 Boat departure from the Hanasaari pier (drinks will be served en route)
  • 18:30 Boat arrival to the Restaurant Saaristo pier
  • 19:00 Dinner
  • 22:45 Small boats departure to the main land
  • 23:00 Bus transportation departure (Saaristo pier - Kiasma - Holiday Inn Ruoholahti –Hanasaari)
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