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Software as an Infrastructure

Dan Still
Session chairDan Still
DateThursday, 7 May 2015
Time15:30 - 17:00
DescriptionSignificant intellectual property, financial investment and understanding reside in software and are the reasons for the long life span of popular codes. Institutions replace their hardware, but don’t easily dispose of their software packages. The vast number of codes developed for research can consequently be considered as a research infrastructure by itself. As is also the case with physical infrastructures, software infrastructures evolve over time. The underlying platforms change through technological innovation and systems need to evolve continuously to stay relevant and provide value to the end-user.

This conference session contains talks on developing services and enabling easy access to scientific application resources. The session includes a presentation on the NeIC cloud computing initiative Glenna, Salman Toor will present a cloud Infrastructure for scientific applications and Nancy Wilkins-Diehr will give a talk on the launch of science gateways in the US TeraGrid through the use of XSEDE resources today.