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WS: User Support (cont'd)

Torben Rasmussen
Session chairTorben Rasmussen
TrackWS Track 2
DateWednesday, 6 May 2015
Time11:00 - 12:30
DescriptionFor a comprehensive overview of the workshop please go to

National as well as international HPC and e-Science infrastructures are tasked with providing hardware resources and services to, in many cases, a wide and varied range of scientific domains and research disciplines within domains. To ensure that the provided resources are properly accessible to researchers and well utilised, several types of user support efforts are required.

This workshop will take a broad view on user support efforts and look at examples of how to organize support, operational services to enable utilisation, training efforts, project support, proactive efforts, and other efforts that enable the utilisation of the infrastructure.

    Organisational examples
        Organise per discipline
        First line, second line, etc. style
        Visits, satellite persons
        Use of many-to-many support frameworks (e.g. Stack Overflow style)

    Operational services
        Maintaining development environment
        Maintaining scientific software
        Frameworks for providing documentation and user instructions

    Project support
        Code profiling
        Code porting
        Code optimisation

    Proactive efforts
        Automatic OOM alerts
        Per job resource utilisation reports