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WS: Accounting

Dejan Vitlacil
Session chairDejan Vitlacil
TrackWS Track 3
DateTuesday, 5 May 2015
Time13:30 - 15:00
DescriptionNeIC continues its bi-annual meetings to provide a forum for those interested in the state of accounting in the Nordic countries. These meetings serve as knowledge transfer and discussion boards, furthermore they also serve as reference for roadmap discussion for the ongoing NeIC SGAS maintenance project. Further Nordic projects related to accounting are highly encouraged. Consolidated and consistent accounting within the Nordic computing centres is considered as one of the top-priority topics within Nordic e-Infrastructure. Besides the continued SGAS roadmap discussion the main purpose of this workshop is to increase the knowledge exchange on accounting between the Nordic countries and to serve as a framework for possible collaboration partners to lift further accounting projects to a Nordic level.

13:30 Welcome (Dejan Vitlacil - NeIC/PDC) (10 min)
13:40 Custom Query Interface for SAMS (Magnus Jonsson - NeIC/HPC2N) (20 min)
14:00 SGAS & NDGF/WLCG (Erik Edelmann NeIC/CSC) (20 min)
14:20 Islandic SGAS deployment (Anil Thapa - RHÍ) (20 min)
14:40 Software accounting (Magnus Jonsson - NeIC/HPC2N) (20 min)


15:30 Storage accounting in EUDAT (Florian Kaiser EUDAT/RZG) (20 min)
15:50 Cloud initiatives and accounting (John Gordon EGI Federated Cloud) (20 min)
16:10 SGAS project status and SGAS roadmap discussion (Magnus Jonsson NeIC/HPC2N) (50 min)