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Welcome from Ministry of Education and Culture

Riitta Maijala
DescriptionScience is global, even though it is supported mostly by national and local funding, via national education efforts, support services and infrastructures. In addition to advancement of science and research, the national innovation system is critical for the sustainable development of society. In Finland, the Government Programme stresses the role of science, research and innovation as the foundation of knowledge and know-how, promoting sustainable economic growth and immaterial as well as material welfare.
To foster the research system towards better competitiveness and higher quality, an open operational model is needed. Open science and research can significantly increase the quality and competitiveness of national research and innovation systems. By increasing openness in research, we will simultaneously be improving reliability, transparency, and the impact of research. Openness also creates new opportunities to participate in scientific advancement, and enables easier and more effective utilization of research results and supports citizen science.
The Nordic collaboration within NeIC provides added value to researchers and national funders. Another example of such collaboration is NORDUnet and the area of computer networks, where Nordic collaboration has existed since 1980. NORDUnet has enabled the Nordic research and education community to work closely together with the international research community.
Promoting open science and research requires not only extensive involvement from the research community, but also national and international cooperation and coordination, exploring new ways of working, and developing research environments, researcher services and research infrastructures. NeIC can offer a significant and valuable input by taking national efforts in open collaboration one step further within the Nordic collaboration.

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