A journey into Unified Communication

TrackTrack 3 (Auditorium 3)
DescriptionUniversity of Bergen (3500 staff, 15000 students) have started a double journey:
1. From a traditional, closed phone system to a unified communication system based on open standards and both open and closed source components.
2. From having a commercial partner run our phone system to using internal telecom, linux, and windows resources to run the system ourselves
Several benefits from this journey are being harvested, including:
1. Lower costs and better control of costs.
2. Better service and higher service spectrum to students and staff
The presentation will go into both the components of the solution and the process that has led to it. Components include:
1. Aastra MX-ONE Linux-based commercial phone exchange
2. Microsoft Lync and other Windows-based commercial software packages
3. Applications built on the open source Asterisk software running on Linux
4. Video conferencing rooms
5. SIP.

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