Bandwidth on Demand

TrackTrack 1 (Auditorium 1)
DateTuesday, 18 September 2012
Time09:00 - 10:30
DescriptionMuch effort has been invested over the last decade to understand and tame the complexities underlying connection oriented virtual network services that offer dedicated network performance.   Numerous projects have explored path finding, topology representation and distribution, transport technologies, automated provisioning protocols, and the multi-domain issues associated with these and other topics such as authorization, security, privacy, predictability and reliability, and fault analysis.   These efforts have paid off - certainly within the R&E community we have now the knowledge of how to approach these issues in a tractable and scalable fashion to deliver such dynamically provisioned services on a global basis.   We are moving into a phase where, as a community, we now need to develop the standards necessary to deploy such services ubiquitously and consistently across hundreds or thousands of service domains.  We also need to begin to take advantage of the network performance guarantees provided by these services to build virtual IT environments, to construct more sophisticated applications, and to rethink how we approach the management and evolution of the underlying infrastructure.   
This session will present several aspects associated with moving Bandwidth on Demand concepts from experimental services towards global ubiquity.