Cloud Campus Services in PLATON Project

TrackTrack 2 (Auditorium 2)
DescriptionIn this paper, we present the Campus Services platform, the Polish computing cloud for academic and research community. This plat- form is built within the PLATON project, which aims at creating a na- tionwide service platform based on the wide-area network infrastructure provided by the Polish Optical Network PIONIER. The PLATON Cam- pus Services will be carried out by 20 MANs (Metropolitan Area Net- works) and HPC centers, equipped with local clusters connected by the PIONIER network. Campus Services are built on the basis of an innova- tive computing and service infrastructure operating nationwide. It will deliver applications on demand, and will be able to provide users with flexible and scalable access to specific applications, both under MS Win- dows and Linux, for a wide range of users from academia and research environments, taking into account the needs of specific workgroups in these environments.

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