DNSSEC: from root to (brown) leaves: Lessons learned from 4 years of active deployment

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DescriptionIn the past 4 years, DNSSEC has catapulted from niche technology to the latest & greatest Internet security solution. More than 2 years ago, the root zone was signed, and many (cc)TLDs (representing ~80% of all domain names) now support DNSSEC, bringing the technology within the reach of the majority of domain name owners. The road so far has been bumpy and littered with the occasional roadkill. This talk will give a brief overview of how we got where we are, what we have learned, what has gone and goes wrong and what the future will bring.
White papers:
General DNSSEC: http://bit.ly/sn-dnssec-2008
DNSSEC validation: http://bit.ly/sn-dnssec-vali
Applications of Modern Cryptography: http://bit.ly/sn-cryptoweb

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