EUDAT - towards a collaborative data infrastructure

TrackTrack 2 (Auditorium 2)
DescriptionThe establishment of a collaborative data infrastructure is one of the
key aspects within EUDAT, managing and sharig the ever growing volumes
of scientific data is one of the key aspects. We are focussing on the
community requirements and identifying common services suitable for
this collaborative data infrastructure. There is strong demand among
research communities for data replication services associated with
better access to computing power, but EUDAT does not want to be only an
infrastructure to store and compute data. It has also some ambitions to
establish itself as a central portal for making scientific data visible
- and accessible. Part of the challenge resides in finding good
metadata solutions that allow data from different communities to be
integrated in easily searchable collections.  EUDAt offers  "Building
Blocks of Data Infrastructures" and offers both theoretical knowledge
about data architectures and practical experience of concrete
implementation work to "data practitioners", i.e. persons that are
designing and building data infrastructure solutions.Placeholder

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