Ethernet OAM integration in OpenFlow

TrackTrack 1 (Auditorium 1)
DescriptionOpenFlow is a new network technology and a form of Software Defined
Networking (SDN) which could revolutionize the way we do networking
in the near future. With SDN applications can program the network
to create a communication infrastructure according to the application's
The OpenFlow infrastructure consists of OpenFlow switches and
external OpenFlow controllers. OpenFlow is separating the data and
control plane, where the intelligence is implemented in the OpenFlow
controllers. These controllers can run on much more powerful hardware
than what is available on routers or switches. The switches can be
relatively simple and cheap because they only need to do the
The IEEE 802.1ag protocol for Ethernet OAM was implemented at SARA
and was integrated to the NOX OpenFlow controller for a demo at the
SC11 High Performance Computing and Networking conference. In the
demo a large international OpenFlow testbed was set up between
Amsterdam, Chicago, Ottawa and Seattle. The links between the sites
were monitored using periodic hello messages. The status of the links
was stored in a round-robin database. This status information was
published using perfSONAR measurement points and a collector showed
the overall status of the network live on a website. It was chosen
by the SC11 organization among the top six out of eleven demos.

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