GEANT Green Best Practices

TrackTrack 2 (Auditorium 2)
SessionGreen IT
DescriptionAbstract for GEANT Green Best Practices
• Description of the GEANT GN3-NA3 T5  activities  looking at nine subject areas such as environmental policy, GHG audits and reports, green network management systems, Power Usage Efficiency (PUE), virtualisation, energy-aware traffic engineering, videoconferencing, distance working, Green Public Purchasing (GPP), green electricity, energy source choices or options, and disseminating green ICT in the Higher Education (HE) community.  
• Overview of GreenStar Network (GSN) and Mantychore collaboration using their experimental network environments to derive best practices and guidelines for building energy-efficient or green, data networks.  
• Overview of new programs such as GRNET Smart Metering in Schools using IPV6.

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