Helix Nebula, the Science Cloud: A Strategic Plan for a European Scientific Cloud Computing Infrastructure

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DescriptionHELIX NEBULA, the Science Cloud shall develop, through a Public-Private Partnership, a European cloud-based scientific e-infrastructure in line with the vision depicted in  the Science Cloud Strategic Plan* where four developmental goals have been identified, building on the collective experience of all involved.
Goal One
Establish HELIX NEBULA – the Science Cloud – as a cloud computing infrastructure addressing the needs of the European Research Area and capable of serving as a platform for innovation and evolution of the overall e-infrastructure.
Goal Two
Identify and adopt suitable policies for trust, security and privacy on a European-level that can be provided by the HELIX NEBULA framework and infrastructure.
Goal Three
Create a light-weight governance structure that involves all the stakeholders in HELIX NEBULA – the Science Cloud - and which can evolve over time as the infrastructure, services and user-base grows.
Goal Four
Define a funding scheme involving all the stake-holder groups (service suppliers, users, EC and national funding agencies) for a Public/Private Partnership to implement a Cloud Computing Infrastructure that delivers a sustainable and profitable business environment adhering to European-level policies.
This Strategic Plan was adopted by a group of 23 organisations, representing potential users, IT suppliers and national and European policy-makers at a workshop hosted by ESA/ESRIN in June 2011.

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