High Quality Video: The Path to Global Collaboration

TrackTrack 3 (Auditorium 3)
DescriptionRealtime video has long promised to revolutionize the way the we communicate. Unfortunately, the fulfillment of this promise has been hindered by challenges including poor quality, reliability, and ease of use. Powerful mobile processors and the proliferation of cameras in mobile devices have increased access to and ease of use of video communication, but these solutions threaten to mask the true potential of realtime video. Only with solutions that are not just easy to use but also have high quality and reliability can truly effective global collaborations happen. This is a problem that cannot be solved by a single vendor, but instead must be addressed by the very community that most needs these global collaborations: the research and education community. Only by working together can research and education networks enable the full potential of video communications through the creation of interoperable dialing, directory, and scheduling infrastructure. Ben Fineman will present Internet2's perspective on the Global Video Alliance, an international group that includes NORDUnet and that is working to achieve this vision.

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