Inter-NREN meeting

TrackBoFs and Side Meetings
1. Welcome
Martin Bech (MB), Uni-C
Jorgen Qvist (JQ), NORDUnet
Juha Oinonen (JO), CSC/Funet
Harri Kuusisto (HK), CSC/Funet
Jari Miettinen (JM), CSC/Funet (chair/sc)
Marius Olafsson (MO), RHNet
Magnus Strømdal (MS), UNINETT
Olaf Schjelderup (OS), UNINETT
Site: Room number PH131, Pilestredet 35
The meeting started at 17:30 CET
1.1 Agenda bashing
    round of introductions
    agenda review
    note that meeting is shorter than usually
2. Last meeting
2.1 Minutes from last meeting
    accepting the minutes
2.2 TODO-list
    review on the done and pending items, progress
3. Short update for the last 3 months (approximately 3 main issues)
3.1 Funet
3.2 Sunet
3.3 FSKNet
3.6 NORDUnet
4. Service Matrix
4.1 Status for the Service Matrix
    recent updates
4.2. Update of the shared services
    update needs?
5. Next meeting
    decided beforehand to be in Stockholm on Wednesday 14th of November 2012
6. AOB
6.1. Co-operation and outreach
    recaptures of the NREN round table, item 3
6.2 Joint HA service development
    to be revisited in Stockholm meeting?
    results from the Nordic NREN community IaaS workshop?
7. Closing
    Meeting ended at 19:30 CET.

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