NOVI: federating Future Internet platforms

TrackTrack 1 (Auditorium 1)
DescriptionNOVI  is an EC FP7/FIRE STREP project whose name stands for "Network Innovations over Virtualized Infrastructures". The project explores efficient approaches to compose virtualized e-Infrastructures towards Future Internet (FI) cloud services.  
In FI cloud services  the various resources, i.e. networking, storage and processing, will be managed by separate but federated providers. NOVI is developing  and validating methods, information models and algorithms that can provide users with isolated slices, baskets of resources and services drawn from these underlying federated infrastructures.   
The NOVI testing environment is based on combining PlanetLab and FEDERICA, two dissimilar virtualized experimental infrastructures with attributes widely anticipated in a FI cloud.  
My talk will show the results obtained so far in the project, the lessons learned and  will identify the roadmap still ahead.

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