NRENs 2020

TrackTrack 3 (Auditorium 3)
DateTuesday, 18 September 2012
Time12:00 - 13:30
DescriptionThe landscape of research, IT, and infrastructure has been changing dramatically in recent years.  The needs and requirements of users are changing, and entire new communities are looking to research infrastructures to enable their future collaborations. At the same time, public infrastructures are asked to do more and reduce cost.  n this changing landscape research and education networks must continue to server their users with world-class services, services that are relevant to meeting new requirements, relevant to new classes of users, and able to fit into a world of pervasive IT services provided by commercial providers with global reach.  In this session we examine some of the consequences of these changes for NRENs, and how NRENs can continue to make substantial contributions.