Network Configuration Management and Service Activation

TrackTrack 1 (Auditorium 1)
DescriptionConfiguration management of the NORDUnet network made easy, secure and controllable using a proxy layer. NORDUnet has a system called NCS that works as a proxy towards the network equipment. With the help of the NCS software the operational changes in the network can be made in one location and then automatically configured and redistributed in a consistent manner across multiple devices in the network. Configuration management with integrity constraints also ensures consistent device configuration which makes troubleshooting faster due to e.g. less inconsistencies in configuration. With integration to other systems services can be created, maintained and documented automatically or semi automatically depending on requirements. This enables different departments in an organisation to have access to all the relevant information without having to adopt new routines or interact with systems they are generally not working with, e.g. the department that provision services and the department that has to troubleshoot the same services. It also enables the creation of services to be initiated by other systems, e.g. BoD services that are requested by other domains.

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