Supporting Cloud and Collaboration Scenarios with OpenConext

TrackTrack 3 (Auditorium 3)
DescriptionIn The Netherlands, many campuses are eager to move services into the
Cloud. Cost reduction and better user experience are among the drivers
for this process. It is however not easy to combine these remote
services with the on-campus services in a coherent, secure and user
friendly way. At the same time institutions also struggle with
supporting Collaboration scenarios. Dealing with (international) user
level collaborations in research and education pose a significant
challenge. The same is true when engaging in collabortions between campuses.
This presentation showcases the work that has been done within SURFnet
in the past years to support the above scenarios. Several pilot and
production level usecases will be presented as these became possible
when SURFnet created the OpenConext collaboration platform.

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