The European eInfrastructures Observatory

TrackTrack 3 (Auditorium 3)
DescriptionThe availability of state-of-the-art European e·Infrastructures to the research community is part of the Europe 2020 vision, the European Commission’s growth strategy for a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy. The Networking infrastructure is a core building block of the European e·Infrastructures and thus is anticipated to majorly contribute to Europe’s Digital Agenda strategic priorities.
One of the key challenges faced by e·Infrastructure providers though such as the National Research and Education Networks is to report the diversity and scope of their resources and their usage to funders and decision makers at national and European levels.
The European e·Infrastructures Observatory can provide to the e·Infrastructures community a comprehensive monitoring and dissemination framework that will allow stakeholders to keep overall track of the development and prospects in e·Infrastructures for Europe and beyond, including especially a frame of reference for assessing over time Networking infrastructures towards other global regions of interest, and disseminating worldwide e·Infrastructures success stories of European-led and European-supported initiatives.
Such a facility can be of great interest and value, as a yardstick tool for tracking and detecting trends and potentially initiating actions and initiatives or for informing when drafting new programmes for future developments of Networking e·Infrastructures and overall.

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