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At NORDUnet we host many meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences, and we enjoy having visitors. 

Our conference rooms are full of all modern technical equipment and conference furniture to meet the many different types of requests that come with the different types of meeting.  Our staff is prepared to assist in all the practical – though important – aspects of any event, big and small.  

To make sure that everything works to the better we have written down these few lines about how things work at NORDUnet


When you arrive to our office the reception staff will check you in according to the participants list that we receive from your meeting responsible. We do this to make sure that you have been accounted for in terms of seating, lunch, etc.; and in the case of an emergency where the office needs to be vacated.


You will find ample parking space behind the office building; however, with 2-hour parking restrictions. If you plan to stay longer you can get a 24-hour parking voucher from the Reception.

How to find your meeting room

Meeting signs and our reception staff will direct you to your meeting room.

Coffee & lunch breaks follow your agenda

All conference catering (coffees, fruit, snacks, lunches) will be served in the meeting room according to the schedule of your agenda. We often have more meetings running in parallel, so we operate rather strictly according to the timings indicated your schedule to safeguard the best service for everyone.

Coffee will come to you

You may be a frequent visitor to NORDUnet and know your way around the office – especially the way to the coffee machine. When you participate in meetings of a certain size we would like you to relax and wait for the receptionists to bring you the coffee so we don’t create too much of a ”traffic jam” by the coffee machine and cause delays in your programme.


Smoking is allowed at the rear terrace. Ask the Reception for directions if you do not know the way.


You will find eduroam and a guest wifi. The password to the guest wifi is:


Printing of Boarding Passes

You can print your boarding pass - and other documents - by emailing Both the email and the attachment will be printed.  You will find the printer by the entrance to the kitchen.

Service hours

Normal office hours at NORDUnet run from 8.00 a.m. – 4.30 p.m. When we host meetings we operate according to the agenda timings that we receive in advance. To make sure that the conference room is ready for the following day’s event the reception staff will enter the room and start cleaning up by the official end-time stated in your agenda.

Your agenda responsible may have added extra hours to the room reservation for post-meeting activities for participants; cleaning of the room will of course not begin till after that time.  If you are in doubt about the timings please contact the Reception.

If otherwise you need somewhere to work for a while before you head to the airport, please do not hesitate to ask the Reception for guidance.

For security reasons no visitor is allowed to stay alone in the NORDUnet offices, and the alarm will be wired by the last NORDUnet employee leaving the office.